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i do because i can...

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Name: Sarah
Age: 25
Beta/Writer/Lurker?: Lurker/Commenter :)
What do you hope to get out of LJ?: Mainly i like to lurk around lots of journals reading fanfic, oh, and i often comment :) But i usually read fanfic of the SPN/Naruto/POT/HP/FMA kind. So really, i am a selfish lazy ass who likes lurking on other people's sweat and toil and doing nothing of the sort myself.
Fandoms: HP, FMA, Naruto, LoTR, Supernatural, PoT and anything else if i like the writer/writing :)
What sparks your creativity?: Other people's creativity, lol.

So yeah, if i am trying to friend you then please please please friend me back. I do comment & concrit and am willing to do anything you ask of me in return if you let me read/view your fic/art :)

Proud Supporter of the awesomeness that is Fandom! Seriously, some fics are just so much better than canon. ;)